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Our tools for closing board packaging ensure that the packaging will stand up to rough handling all the way. Our range also includes stapling tools for the furniture, carpentry and woodworking industries. All the tools in our standard range have been developed through dialogue with our customers. And all our tools are designed and manufactured with the aim of performing tasks with the maximum productivity, the highest quality and the best profit.


After more than 60 years in the branch we have accumulated a great deal of experience – competence that is at your service. On our website you will find a number of ways to close corrugated board-based packaging with staples – a rational and economic method. Most of our manufacturing is carried out in Sweden. We export 85% of our products, much of this

through our overseas subsidiaries. Swedish quality on a global market.



  • Manual stapling tools
  • Pneumatic hand stapling tools
  • Automatic inlined stapling machines
  • Staples
  • Accessories
  • Parts & Service